Linda De Lucchi

Ms. De Lucchi is founder and co-director of the Full Optional Science System Project (FOSS K–8).  She has developed instructional materials in K–8 science education (FOSS), environmental education (OBIS), health education (HAP Project), and special education (SAVI/SELPH) for 45 years at the Lawrence Hall of Science.  In addition to curriculum development, Ms. De Lucchi has […]

Jessica Penchos

Jessica Penchos is the curriculum coordinator and developer of the Full Optional Science System Project (FOSS K–8).  Before joining the Lawrence Hall of Science FOSS staff, Jessica taught middle school science in Boston Public Schools was a teacher leader in the district.  Through her work with FOSS, Jessica has been lead author and lead editor […]

Susan Ketchner

Susan is the Technology Project Manager of the Full Option Science System. She has worked with FOSS for over 20 years—developing multimedia, websites, online assessment systems, and other technology programs. Susan has a bachelor’s degree and Ph.D. in biochemistry from the Ohio State University. 

David Lippman

David has worked for the FOSS Project since 2005. As FOSS Program Manager, he wears many hats—the biggest of which include: writer, editor, consistency specialist, and In-House Video Producer. If you’ve watched a FOSS produced video, chances are he helped produce it. Before finding his home with the FOSS Project, David worked on projects ranging […]

Joanna Snyder

Joanna is a curriculum developer for the Full Option Science Systems Project (FOSS K–8), primarily focused on Middle School. Her development expertise focuses on place-based and environmental applications, formative assessment integration, and benchmark assessment development.  Joanna particularly enjoys facilitating professional learning opportunities that support general FOSS instruction, integrating formative assessment, and extending the classroom outdoors. […]

Natalie Yakushiji

Ms. Yakushiji is a curriculum and professional developer for the Full Optional Science System Project (FOSS K–8) at the Lawrence Hall of Science.  She has been part of the FOSS team since 2008 developing instructional materials (investigations, technology, and assessment materials) in K–5 science education, providing teacher professional learning to schools and districts nationwide and […]

Joanna Totino

Ms. Totino is a FOSS specialist primarily focusing on elementary teacher professional learning in California, and instructional materials.  She joined Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California at Berkeley, in 2001.  She has taught, mentored and coached  thousands of elementary teachers through the FOSS program.  In addition, Joanna Totino is Director of Bay Area Science Project, one of the 18 California Science Projects. […]

Erica Beck Spencer

Erica is a curriculum specialist with the Full Option Science System Project (FOSS K-8) and spearheaded the major Taking FOSS Outdoors initiative. In addition to developing the program, over the course of her career with FOSS, she has worked with over 50 districts and tens of thousands of educators on implementing the FOSS program. She […]

Diana B. Vélez

Ms. Vélez is a curriculum developer and professional learning provider for the Full Option Science System Project (FOSS K–8) at the Lawrence Hall of Science. She specializes in English language development and the integration of literacy in science teaching and learning. Ms. Vélez assists in the development and implementation of FOSS instructional materials and creates […]

Brian Campbell

Brian Campbell is a curriculum developer and National Coordinator of FOSS Professional Learning.  Primarily, he focuses on developing resources to support teachers in authentic discourse to make sense of scientific phenomena in K-5 classrooms.   He develops and leds national and international trainings for thousands of classroom teachers focusing on three-dimensional teaching and learning, using relevant […]