Joanna Totino

Curriculum Developer

Ms. Totino is a FOSS specialist primarily focusing on elementary teacher professional learning in California, and instructional materials.  She joined Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California at Berkeley, in 2001.  She has taught, mentored and coached  thousands of elementary teachers through the FOSS program.  In addition, Joanna Totino is Director of Bay Area Science Project, one of the 18 California Science Projects. She is Principal Director on various initiatives and has led teams of scientists, graduate students, district staff, teachers, community partners and researchers in implementation of successful projects. She has served as a member on California Statewide Projects, such as, The NGSS Roll-out, and the Science and Literacy Professional Learning Modules, Environmental Literacy Committee  and Community of Practice. She is passionate about designing STEM learning opportunities that are accessible and relevant for all students and dedicated to supporting  teachers in creating classrooms that do just that.