David Lippman

Video Developer and Project Management

David has worked for the FOSS Project since 2005. As FOSS Program Manager, he wears many hats—the biggest of which include: writer, editor, consistency specialist, and In-House Video Producer. If you’ve watched a FOSS produced video, chances are he helped produce it. Before finding his home with the FOSS Project, David worked on projects ranging from developing curriculum for English language learners, working with new teachers in Santa Cruz, and as an editor for the journal Developmental Psychology. He has a diverse background in writing, ranging from fiction and non-fiction to published academic work, and he’s worked both sides of the camera—shooting video in hundreds of classrooms, and even making a rare appearance onscreen in one of the early FOSS Teacher Prep Videos for Middle School. David hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology from University of California, Santa Cruz, and a master’s degree in English from Mills College.