Brian Campbell

Curriculum Developer

Brian Campbell is a curriculum developer and National Coordinator of FOSS Professional Learning.  Primarily, he focuses on developing resources to support teachers in authentic discourse to make sense of scientific phenomena in K-5 classrooms.   He develops and leds national and international trainings for thousands of classroom teachers focusing on three-dimensional teaching and learning, using relevant phenomena, assessment, and language integration. 

As a former elementary teacher, he was interested in how students and teachers interact with and utilize science notebooks to support learning.    This work led him to co-author Science Notebooks: Writing about Inquiry with Lori Fulton.   He continues to follow his curiosities as he works directly in classrooms and districts involved in implementing the current FOSS materials.   Mr. Campbell holds a Balchelors degree in Elementary Education from Purdue University and a masters degree in curriculum development from University of Nevada, Las Vegas.