Erica Beck Spencer

Curriculum Developer

Erica is a curriculum specialist with the Full Option Science System Project (FOSS K-8) and spearheaded the major Taking FOSS Outdoors initiative. In addition to developing the program, over the course of her career with FOSS, she has worked with over 50 districts and tens of thousands of educators on implementing the FOSS program. She has taught a wide variety of educators ranging from kindergarten paraprofessionals to train-the-trainer sessions in diverse settings including major urban adoptions, to very rural schools, and even international trainings in Egypt and Italy. She has served on the board of directors for the Maine Environmental Education Association, Rippleffect, and the Maine Math and Science Alliance. She holds a Master of Education degree from Lesley University. Prior to working for FOSS she taught in urban schools in Cambridge, Boston, and Portland, Maine.